Elegant style and unique look Formal wear, ceremonial and business suits. For those men who are interested in the current fashion trends and want to combine a new, modern look with a classic style. Our range of luxury outfits is diverse and specially crafted to embody timeless style and innovative spirit.
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Impressive variety and comfort Specially selected collections embodying the latest trends in men's fashion and at the same time providing comfort and quality. Your daily style requires special attention, which you will feel in the fabrics, colors and cuts of each of our products. Designed to solidify your style with impressive variety and comfort.
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Autumn/Winter 22/23



In the current market, there are only a few Bulgarian stores that offer men's clothing with an excellent balance of quality and price. Fortunately, we are one of those stores, and below we will explain why. We will outline the advantages of shopping online with us and provide a brief introduction to our offerings.

Advantages of TEODOR: Firstly, we provide a wide range of categories that encompass various clothing models and sizes. This extensive selection allows you to choose the exact garments you desire in terms of color and design, with utmost precision.

For those who enjoy shopping for bargains, we have a special "Discounted" section where all items are offered at promotional prices. Despite the affordable prices, the products in this section are of high quality. This sets TEODOR apart from other competitors. We regularly update this category, and we highly recommend checking it daily for promotions and discounts or subscribing to our newsletter.

We have meticulously curated complete sets for you, which include matching colors, sizes, and follow the latest fashion trends. By purchasing one of these sets, you can achieve a stylish and elegant look down to the smallest detail, such as the tie, shoes, suit, shirt, and more. Whether you are getting ready for an important business meeting or your wedding day, no other competitor offers a similar package.

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