Autumn/Winter 22/23



TEODOR is not just an ordinary brand for men's fashion but one that has built its name over the past 30 years. The story begins in 1989 when our first collection of classic menswear was created. In 1993, the first company store was opened.
30 years later, with already 30 locations in the country, we can proudly say that TEODOR is one of the fastest growing Bulgarian brands. With a highly developed online platform that makes shopping even easier and accessible for everyone!
Over the years, the brand has become a symbol of style and high quality, and we demonstrate it in all our garments. Our main goal is a flawless look. We pay special attention to even the smallest detail to achieve the perfect garment that accentuates your confidence and elegance.
We are inspired by the Bulgarian man who has a strong spirit and is ready to conquer new heights daily. Understanding his busy everyday life, we offer different fashion lines suitable for every situation. We have everything - from classic and elegant to casual and simple looks. Sort by color, size, and fit, and find what you need. In our "OUTLET" section, you will discover our daily special offers.
What is our mission? We at TEODOR know that our success is the success of our people. Therefore, our mission is to be a guide for quality and style in men's fashion. That's why you'll also find fashion trends here - already matched and ready for your next adventure.
We use high-quality fabrics from natural materials such as wool, linen, and cotton.
To change the world while looking perfect!
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