TEODOR gift vouchers

The gift
Which will not disappoint you

Let your loved ones feel special with a design that matches their individual style.
Give the gift of a guarantee of high quality and let them make their choice to create their perfect men's look.

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Luxury packaging

Express deliveryup to 3 days

1 year validity from the date of issue


  1. You can use the voucher for an online purchase by entering the code found on the back of the voucher in the designated field in your cart. If a code is missing, you can contact us for assistance.
  2. In the case of a purchase made with the use of a voucher, no claim can be made, but an exchange can be made.
  3. You can only use 1 voucher per purchase.
  4. When purchasing with a voucher, you must use the full amount in the voucher. Otherwise, you will lose the remaining value on it.

    Items can be ordered for a higher value than the value of your voucher, for which you will need to choose an additional method to pay for the remaining value of the order. If the final amount of your cart, even after adding a voucher, is below BGN 99.99, a delivery fee will be charged.
  5. To use a voucher in physical stores, you must provide a receipt