SHOES LEATHER 210151171930-1

Product code
Laundry is prohibited Laundry is prohibited
Bleaching is prohibited Bleaching is prohibited
It cannot be ironed It cannot be ironed
p0 p0
The centrifuge cannot be used The centrifuge cannot be used
z1 z1
z2 z2
z3 z3
z4 z4
z5 z5

As the color fastness to washing is not high, cotton products can fade over time.
Textile products should not be left sweaty or damp.
When you are not sure about the treatment of a product, ask for help by a dry cleaner.
To avoid problems caused by soap penetration, wash items with zippers and tic-tac buttons buttoned.
Printed and embroidered items should be washed and ironed inside out.
Drying in direct sunlight damages all products.
Fibre destruction due to friction is not considered a manufacturing defect.
To preserve longer-lasting color, garments should be washed and dried inside out.
Products should not dry on heating devices.
Suits, jackets, and outerwear are cleaned and dry-cleaned only.

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